Creepto Dracula

Animated Comedy Series

Imagine Dracula resurrected in 2022. The animation is a delicious comedy in which funny situations will be present in every episode. 

We have already prepared some of the subjects for the first animation season. We will be very happy to choose together the final scripts and the voice of Creepto Dracula.
We think that blockchain technology will enable the community to interact directly with the content they want to consume and be a part of the animation creation process.
We have 3 samples recorded by 3 professional actors but definitely, we will record new ones until we will have the right one. 

The choice will be made by the community. The main condition to have the right to vote is to join us in Phase 1 and hold one Creepto Dracula NFT.

The animation will be 2D in the representative style of South Park, The Simsons, Rick and Morty, etc.
The animation team is ready to begin the production of the pilot episode immediately after Phase 1 is finished.
We can't wait to see CreeptoDracula in his first episode and we're sure you'll find it super funny! :)