Creepto Dracula

Holders Benefits

Creepto Dracula is a community-based project and all attention is focused on it.
We have designed the following benefits for Creepto Dracula NFT holders, and will be adding more valuable benefits as the project moves forward:
✅ The chance to get one of the 3 physical statuettes made of precious materials Silver, Gold, Diamond
Earn rewards proportional to the staked number of NFTs
✅ Direct interaction with the Animated Comedy Series content
✅ Right to vote in making the most important project decisions
✅ Free access to the Animated Comedy Series
✅ Chance to receive an NFT from Airdrops
✅ Future discounts at all future releases
✅ Creepto Dracula Merch - Access to bloody custom products representing Creepto Dracula Animated Comedy Series by using $CRDC token
✅ Ability to trade $CRDC token with non-holders
✅ Discord channel dedicated to holders only - you'll have direct access to the team and find out first about future releases
✅ Exclusive participation in our Raffles, prizes in EGLD