Creepto Dracula

$CRDC Token

Creepto Dracula collection will have several phases and the whole project will rely on $CRDC token.

Why non-holders will need $CRDC tokens?

  • Comedy Series will be accessible only by using the $CRDC, so non-holders(see holders benefits) will have to buy $CRDC from the NFT holders.
    Access to the Animated Comedy Series will be made just the same way you pay for a ticket to see a movie

. With this unique untradeable ticket, you have access to watch the Creepto Dracula Series.
  • Dracula is already a well-known worldwide character. By adding Merchandise to the project, fans will be able to buy enigmatic products with Creepto Dracula. $CRDC tokens will serve as currency.

  • Tickets to our further online and real-life events will be available to be purchased only with $CRDC

  • ...and more to come
The creation of the $CRDC Tokenomics will begin in Phase 2 and it will be published in Phase 3.